Career Development
Our tried & tested process

Initial Conversation

Initial Consultation

We'll start off by having a relaxed discussion with you about your unique situation, what's important to you, what you enjoy, what you'd rather avoid, if you have any significant goals already, what's coming up in your life... and so on.

Profile Analysis

Profile Analysis

We accelerate the 'getting to know you' phase with psychometric tools. They have plenty of other uses, too, including developing your self-awareness, pointing out characteristics which are useful (and those that might not be), and giving us pointers for what kind of workplace & culture you'll be best suited to.

If you choose to go deeper, they'll also help with targeting your personal development.

Interpretation & Feedback

Interpretation & Feedback

We walk you through the analytic results, confirming and adjusting as necessary.
Exit Coaching

Exit Interviews

Get independent feedback on why people leave your team & how to prevent it in future

Psychometrics & Analytics

Psychometric reporting to uncover strengths, challenges & provide direction

CVs/Cover Letters

Support exiting staff by helping them make a good impression on their next employer.

Personal Development

1-on-1 coaching to expand skillsets & mindsets

Potential Decision Reversal

If you'd rather not have the person leave, we can assist in a last-minute retention effort.

Role Acquisition Strategy

Advice on getting an interview, maximising impact in the interview, and negotiation

Total Support

The exiting employee is guaranteed to have nothing to complain about.

Having worked with hundreds of personal cases of career development, we’ve gained a sense of empathy for those facing extenuating circumstances in their career.

Sometimes the person really did their best, and they deserve support finding the next step in their ladder.

But even when they didn't, exit coaching is fantastic for reducing ill feeling, and any potential brand or character assassination is averted.

Many people shy from taking responsibility for their actions and just want to blame others. The problem is, even when the rumours they’re spreading about you are unjustified, it still hurts your brand and can diminish the attraction for top talent… especially if you\’re in a niche industry.

Protect your brand with Bright Exit Coaching

Take control & make sure exiting employees have nothing to complain about.