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Core Drivers ™

Discover what drives you, your team & your customers

Think of a situation where you could have made your team dynamic stronger.

Current neuroscience proves that ALL decisions are based on emotions — we simply look for facts to justify it. Up to 80% of the time we go through our day on Autopilot. Today we will unplug from our autopilot, examine what habits we have in place and decide which we will keep or those we will disarm.


Introducing Bright’s exclusive proprietary profiling tool – Core DriversTM

Join us for a 3-hour adventure into discovering what is driving your decisions.
Gain a better understanding of your own behaviour and that of your team. Uncover your own beliefs, and the impact of your decisions; driven by your internal hierarchy. From this we uncover a path forward for you to be the best version of yourself for your personal development and the growth of the team.

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