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Doom De-fuser / Culture Growth System

What does the program involve?

The Doom Defuser & Culture Growth program is our classic monitoring & HR Partnership model. The aim is to provide an early warning system for HR crises, and assist in keeping your finger closer to the pulse of your organisation, while simultaneously progressing culture development across the company. For a flat fee per person, per month (or per team, per month; we can run at different levels of specificity), we conduct something similar to performance appraisals on a 1, 2, or 3-monthly cycle (different fee for each), and these regular meetings allow us to make the incremental suggestions necessary to build a sustainable culture.

Our catch-ups are similar to performance appraisals only in the regularity and formality; which allows the person ample opportunity to prepare and make best use of the time. Formally meeting with you on the same tick-tick (1, 3 or 6 month) timescale (and more often informally), we function as a filtered portal between executive and on-the-ground, bringing you the information you need to know, advance warning of potential issues, politics, process or resource bottlenecks. But we don’t just bring you problems; we also recommend solutions and are very capable of managing change and implementation of those solutions.

Program outcomes

Since this program is ongoing, there’s no “completion”, but you should notice the following:

  • Lower staff turnover
  • Higher engagement & dedication as team members realize they can actually make a significant difference to the business through us
  • Improved openness to innovation and adaptability; easier change
  • Sympathetic response in communication patterns across the business, communication becoming more open and structured
  • Collaboration increasing as a result
  • Complete avoidance of major HR crises
Tools to look forward to using along the way

We use a mix of both proprietary and supplied tools to make sure we get you consistently great results.

  • Bright Motivator Cards
  • DISC psychometrics, eIQ, GIA reports
  • TribeHR; Goals & Appraisal cycles
  • Basecamp© project management

Interested? Keen to know more?

Request an appointment; we love answering questions ;)
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