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Re-capturing your team's maximum potential

If a leader doesn't grow - they stagnate. Are you keeping your leaders fresh? Request a course outline for more detail.

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Statistically, 79% of business leaders rate workplace development and capacity building as important, but only 18% actually DO anything about it.

Zone into Peak Performance
A staggering 70% of employees worldwide are DISENGAGED at work. Are yours part of the 30%?

If you could eradicate “go-mo’s”, people who just go through the motions, would that be a worthy mission for the year?

Some people on your team may be physically present, but have actually “checked out” and are looking for other jobs, whether actively or passively.
Symptoms might include taking excess sick days, low engagement scores, or finding excuses to say “that’s not my job”.

Bright NZ’s solution to recover all this lost potential involves getting leaders into the zone; up-skilling them with new tools to tackle employee engagement, thereby re-energising those who may have given up on ever getting through.

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