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Retail Leaders

Accountability & Sales training for retail managers

Wish your retail managers took more responsibility for their sales performance? Request a course outline for more detail.

We'll also give you a call to go through it - no obligation

Statistically, 79% of business leaders rate workplace development and capacity building as important, but only 18% actually DO anything about it.

Empower each store to be accountable & profitable - a mini business unit
Retail Managers can get caught up in operations, and never develop the skills to make their store a success. Even worse, they might have given up on ever achieving profitability.

Bright’s Retail Leaders Course is an effective way to increase both revenue and profits. It sets standards & builds accountability for sales performance, increasing both sales and customer satisfaction. As a result, the course continues to be valuable years after first facilitated.

It is run at an energising pace as it broadens managers’ focus from operations and service, to include commercial innovation… and sales.

The purpose of this program is to provide your retail managers with the tools they need to:

a) enable their own personal growth as a retail professional, and

b) to lead a commercially smarter team who are accountable for their results.

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