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Team Weaver

Communication & Collaboration strategy for high-performance teams

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Statistically, 79% of business leaders rate workplace development and capacity building as important, but only 18% actually DO anything about it.

Fly swifter & smarter in formation

Research has shown that a whopping 93% of communication is in how it’s done, and only 7% is from what is said (the content).

Why is that relevant? Because your team could be extremely competent, know exactly what they’re talking about, and still find it a serious challenge to communicate effectively.

In such a case, you might find them working in silos, perhaps not unable to collaborate, but certainly finding it less efficient than “simply“ doing the job themselves. And that’s just not a productive environment.

Bright’s Team Weaver course addresses the issue by developing communication skills & awareness of behaviour styles – making collaboration less of a challenge (after some facilitated practice), and bringing everyone into formation.

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