Is your placement strategy reactive, or proactive?

If you’ve ever had to make a placement in a hurry, you either got lucky, or regretted it later.

40% say their bad hire was caused by a lack of time.

Bright uses a two-pronged approach to make recruitment proactive:

Does your agency care about your business, or just your money?

We do everything possible to match clients with candidates who will benefit them, and vice versa.

We don’t just throw candidates at you, hoping to make one stick.

Through careful consideration, analytics, and a desire to get you the best result possible, our successful placement rate in 2014 was a slightly unbelievable 97%

What percentage of your new recruits last 12 months in their role?

A significant part of achieving that 97% success rate is due to our meticulous after-placement care. Included in the fee are 30, 60 & 90 day, on-site coaching sessions.

During this time we:

  • facilitate a smooth transition into a new culture,
  • adjust the person’s expectations, and
  • gather feedback on how the induction process might improve.
Leadership or Technical placement? No problem.

Bright works with specialist consultants to make sure all your candidates are screened by someone with industry knowledge.

All our tests are included in the fee and taken care of for you. We just want you to receive the right person.

Aptitude testing involves a GIA, eIQ, and a technical skills assessment from one of our in-house, vetted experts.

What if we could fast-forward the 'getting to know you' stage?

Psychometric reports do just that.

You complete a Job Match Profile (24 questions), and we can then assess candidates on their role fit, as well as reporting scientifically on:

  • how they’ll fit into their team,
  • the most effective way to manage them,
  • how coachable they are… and so much more.
Ever had the perfect person decline a job offer?

Is it realistic to expect to attract top talent without rolling out a red carpet for them?

The best people have options; it’s almost never about the package alone.

Your recruiter is their first impression of your brand…

That’s why we take great care of our candidates; conduct mobile interviews, consider their commitments, and manage their expectations.

The Bright Placement cards make a great addition to any desk, just as our placements do to the company they're a match for.

If you need some new talent, flick us an email and we'll call you back right away to get started.